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The Company Culture Playbook

The Company Culture Playbook

If you want to build, scale and measure company culture, and looking for a guide with actionable frameworks you can actually implement for your own organization, you are at the right place here.

As most leaders of successful organization tend to agree, culture plays a crucial role in their organization's success. It makes them faster to grow and innovate, employees are more satisfied and productive, hiring and onboarding happens seamlessly and staff turnover becomes less of an issue.

It's no surprise most founders and HR leaders are keen to define good values and implement strategies to achieve an outstanding culture. But how to get started? How to choose and customize strategies for your own organization?

The only way to provide practical, actionable advices is avoiding the one-size-fits-all approach. So instead of us giving you vague advices on different topics within corporate culture, in this playbook we are asking experts and leaders of all sorts of successful organizations with outstanding company cultures to tell their stories.

Experts and case studies

With the vast majority of motivac.io users being software development consultancies, marketing agencies, e-commerce and web3 companies, these are the company types we are focusing on first.

By analyzing public data of employee satisfaction, headcount growth or tenure, we are identifying companies with great culture and inviting them to tell their stories covering all the important topics. In case you are confident your story would be valuable for our readers, shoot a message to Tom, our partnership manager.

Disclaimer: yes, we happen to be an HR software for building company culture but no, not all experts featured in the playbook are necessarily motivac.io users.

Start here!

These are the key topics we are committed to be covering during the next months, starting from November 2022. To make sure you are getting the most out of this guide, we suggest subscribing to our monthly newsletter of new updates in the playbook.

  1. Getting started with building company culture
  2. Instant feedback culture, the key to make it work
  3. Motivating employees with recognition and rewards
  4. Measuring culture and your progress
  5. The benefits of getting key partners on board
  6. The unique challenges of remote and hybrid teams
  7. Common pitfalls to avoid, sorted by company types and sizes
  8. HR tools that proved to be valuable for our experts
  9. Complete case studies sorted by company types and sizes
  10. (Downloadable resources shared by experts)