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✨ New features that we cooked in July

✨ New features that we cooked in July

We’ve introduced some new features keeping in mind your opinions and feedback because these are the most important to us.

#1 Blog

We’ve launched our blog that you’re reading right now. 😜

There is still little content above, but the posts are already scheduled and we will also post monthly updates and new features here, it is worth subscribing to us. Subscribe by clicking the top right button! ☝️

#2 Recommendations

You may miss some feedback because you are on vacation or maybe because so much is coming from the team.
We will give you some help with this, the recommendation part has been added to the last feedback, where we will try to offer you feedback that you may have missed.
The dashed feedback is the recommendations, we try to show you as relevant as possible.

Recommended feedback

#3 General feedback with user search

The Exchange button has been replaced with a general feedback button.
In this case, giving feedback consists of two steps:

  1. Find and select user
  2. Give feedback (as before)

If there are many of you on the team then you don't have to bother with the user search, just press the "Give feedback" button and a list of users will appear, in which you can still filter by email, nick name and full name.

Filter by email, nick name, full name

#4 Give feedback from user profile

It's just a little thing, but now you can give feedback on a user's profile.

#5 Bug fixes and others

  • Fixed feedback history user listing
  • Fixed few cache problems, specially after new member arrived
  • Speed up some api services

... and a few more little things we’ll keep for next month 🤫