👋 Say hello to Kudos!
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👋 Say hello to Kudos!

👋 Say hello to Kudos!

The goal of motivac.io is to create a healthy and supportive environment within the team.

But what about external partners, contractors, suppliers?

A strong corporate culture not only works within the team, but also affects those with whom the team works closely together.

That's why we introduced Kudos.

Kudos is a public positive feedback with which we can let the partners working with us know how much we value their work.

How It Works?

In the list of team members that appears by clicking the "GIVE FEEDBACK" button, simply click on the "🎉 KUDOS FOR PARTNER".


To send a Kudos you will need three things:
To your partner's e-mail address (here we send the feedback), his name and the text of the Kudos itself.

We package the whole thing into a publicly visible and shareable website and deliver it to the partner's e-mail address. If your partner wants to let the world know, he can share this page on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any other channel.

We also included a link in the e-mail with which the partner can thank you for the feedback, and we will send you a notification about this.

At the same time, it is possible to build a more honest close partner relationship, as everyone is recognized both inside and outside the team.

Thank your partners for the joint work, believe me, it must be appreciated!