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How To Build a Healthy Company Culture in 2022

How To Build a Healthy Company Culture in 2022

A person might accept a job offer because of the pay and benefits, but that same person will stay if there is healthy company culture. The keys to achieving this are great leadership, employee recognition, and a feedback system built to innovate the company and invest in the personal development of the employees. However, for some reason that can be easier said than done as the great resignation of 2021 has proven.

Employees Want More Than a Boss and a Paycheck

Here’s the thing, the majority of people want more than just a boss and a paycheck nowadays. Times have changed, and they changed quickly in the last couple of years. Since the pandemic hit in 2020 and people either lost their jobs, quit their jobs, or switched to working from home, there has been a sort of awakening in millions of people.

While millions of people finally got fed up working for a boss they hated and decided to quit to pursue their own business or side hustle ideas, not everyone is like that. There are millions of other people that quit their jobs in 2021 because they also got fed up with their jerk of a boss and a company that didn’t care about them, but instead of pursuing a business idea, they just wanted to work for someone new that could actually invest in them and value them.

Company Culture Is Why People Stay

As stated at the start of this article, your job candidate might accept the job offer because you are offering them a consistent paycheck to pay their bills and give them decent insurance and vacation benefits. But they will stay or quit based on your company culture and how your company leadership treats them.

People want to work for a company that has a healthy culture that truly makes them feel like they are a part of the team, and that they are valued for more than just their skills and job qualifications.

So, how can a company create a healthy work culture?

  • Employee recognition
  • Innovative feedback
  • Investing in leaders rather than bosses
  • Respecting the work/personal life balance

Employee Recognition

When you hear the term “employee recognition” the first thing you might be thinking of is that measly glass plaque and restaurant gift card awarded to someone after they’ve given a company 5, 10, 20 years of their life to the company.

That isn’t employee recognition. Did you know that 87% of company recognition programs only focus on an employee’s years of employment? Meaning that only 13% of company recognition programs focus on other things than how many years someone has given.

So, why is it that 58% of nationwide employees asked what their companies can do better, their answers were to give recognition?

It’s because a glass plaque that has “Thanks for 25 years of faithful service” engraved into it isn’t employee recognition.

The easiest way to show employee recognition is to try to find someone that is doing good work and immediately show appreciation and acknowledgment of their hard work. Don’t wait 10 years to give them a glass plaque that will end up collecting dust in their garage in a box.

It’s a simple start but it will pay back dividends upon dividends, instead of looking and waiting for someone to mess up to “correct them”, try looking and waiting for someone to do a good job and give them a legitimate appreciation for what they are doing right.

Open for Innovative Feedback

The odds are that if you’re the boss-man and shot-caller, you have little to no idea about the day-to-day processes of those who keep your business running smoothly. What matters is that things are still up and running right? Technically yes, but what about innovative improvements to make business more profitable and more efficient.

Well, the key to that is in the hands of your employees. They are the ones that develop an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the business, which includes where all the hiccups happen, who or what causes them, and the best ideas of how to fix them.

You might have the vision and roadmap for the future of the company, but they are the ones that can tell you where all the potholes and aggravating construction stops are and how to fix or avoid them altogether.

It’s in your best interest to allow your employees to give the company innovative feedback, whether it’s a list of tools to go buy from Home Depot, reevaluating your benefits packages, or an overdue leadership change.

Invest in Leaders, Not Bosses

If you need to diagnose an unhealthy company work culture, just take a look at the leadership. Does the companies leadership consist of bosses or does it consist of leaders? While some people might think that bosses are automatically leaders and vice versa, those people would be wrong.

There is a clear distinction between what a boss is and what a leader is.

Healthy company culture is built on the foundation of the leadership of great leaders. Leaders build people up to become the best they can be while being in the trenches with them leading the charge. Bosses while lord over their people because they have the authority to do so because all that matters is getting the job done on time.

Respecting the Work/Personal Life Balance

Nothing can push a person to quit a job faster than working for a company that doesn’t understand nor respects the necessary balance between work life and personal life.

If the great resignation has taught employees and employers alike anything, it’s that people are rightly jealous of their time outside of work. While there are understandable times when overtime hours need to be worked, if you want to develop a healthier company culture, understand that people have personal lives outside of their work and learn to respect that.

How to Build a Healthy Company Culture:

Invest in leaders instead of bosses, show legitimate and consistent employee recognition, develop a real interest in your employee’s innovative feedback, respect that they have lives outside of the workplace.