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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected a few questions that are often asked of us.

If you still have questions, ask us at admin@motivac.io

Q: What kind of performance should team members reward with points?

A: Anything that is valuable for the team and for the company. Team members should come to a common understanding about the meaning of the main performance categories and use them accordingly. This is a learning process, starting with the introduction training for the managers, and going on with the first few monthly meetings where team members discuss the feedback given in that month.

Q: Can I give a point to myself?

A: No, of course, not 🙃

Q: Can we give negative feedback / points?

A: The purpose of motivac.io is to enhance team spirit and motivate the team through positive feedback. It is not designed for addressing bad performance. We believe that the feedback of performance problems is important, but it has to be done face to face in private.

Q: What can prevent team members “bartering” with the points?

A: The system is completely transparent to every team member: they can see each other’s feedback at any time. According to our experience, this transparency organically prevents any kind of misuse, as fictitious performance feedback always become visible.

Q: How many points can a team member distribute in a month?

A: Every team member has 20 points to distribute. They can either give 5, 3 or 1 point to a performance. This amount ensures that there would be neither too many points to “throw away” (without serious consideration), nor too few to reserve them, not rewarding the smaller accomplishments.

Q: What happens with the unallocated points?

A: Every point a team member didn’t distribute will be lost at the end of the month. But this is not a problem, because if there is no more performance to reward, then it is better if we do not allocate those points.

Q: What can we use the points we collected?

A: The points we collect are accumulated over time and can be redeemed for rewards. The list of the rewards that team members can choose from has to be decided by the company. The interface in motivac.io provides only the framework for this informal reward system.

Q: In what language is motivac.io available?

A: The basic language of the system in English, but it is also available in Hungarian. 🇬🇧🇭🇺

Q: Are there any roles in the system?

A: Currently there are two roles: Team member and Team leader. Team members can give feedback and see every feedback given in the team, as well as the actual top chart of the month. Team leaders can access the “Team” menu, where they can get more detailed and historical reports, manage user roles and permissions, and handle the reward system.

Q: What happens with the team members who leave the company?

A: They can be banned from the system which means they won’t be able to access motivac.io anymore, but their given and obtained feedback stays in the system and in the reports.

Q: What platforms can motivac.io be used?

A: It is a web-based application that can be accessed from any popular web browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari). Mobile version for iOS and Android is under development and will be available soon.