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Company values at motivac.io

Company values at motivac.io

Why do we need a company culture?

A strong company culture is essential for a successful company to operate.
There are industries where it is not possible to prepare for certain situations, it is not possible to define a process and in such cases, often company policies can help team members make certain decisions.
In addition to these, the company culture greatly influences the work atmosphere and work morale.
We are a social being, we feel really good among people with similar mindsets and value systems.

The culture of your company is the way your team behaves when you are not there as a leader…

Values in motivac.io

We would like to show you the default company values that you will receive after registering in the system.

These are carefully crafted guidelines that your team can easily embrace, but if you already have similar values, please contact us at admin@motivac.io and we will set them up for you.

📚 Always keep improving

It also ranks first in order of importance. The world is constantly changing. For example, if we are the most successful in something, it may not be so tomorrow. The only long-term and sustainable competitive advantage is if we can grow faster than the competition. Even on an individual level, it is best to invest in yourself.
Part of that is to deal with new ideas with openness. There is always room for improvement.

🤩 Wow your customer

This is not only true for customer relationships, sales. Even if you are a financial HR employee: then you need to impress your colleagues, make them happy. A satisfied customer is the best advertising.
Let's aim for 100% instead of 99% performance, because it only takes a little more work. It might just cause the Wow factor in the customer.

🧪 Experiment

When we do anything new, we often don’t know what the right path is. You have to experiment. It is important for all colleagues to approach things with an experimental mindset.
Experimentation is accompanied by error. It is important for the company to handle mistakes positively. Lack of mistakes is a bad thing, as there is nothing to learn. There should be retrospective meetings where experiences can be discussed, lessons learned.

🧹 Sweep the floor

Treat all situations with humility. If someone has the opportunity to do a task, don’t hesitate to do it, regardless of the organizational structure, that’s not their job.

🔑 Owner mentality

Employees should think like an owner. Don’t tolerate if something is wrong, try to proactively change these things. If they don’t understand something, feel free to ask - don’t accept it without thinking about what’s going on around them.
Employees should be encouraged not to deal with problems by firefighting, but to find the source of the problem and eliminate the circumstances that are causing the problem.

🤝 Mutual respect

Treat others the way you want others to treat you. This is true for all employees, regardless of the subordinate relationship we work in.
“Treat your colleagues the way you want customers to be treated” - Stephen R. Covey

🎮 Enjoy the game

Life is too short for a person to do a job they don’t enjoy. Those who are not feeling well cannot do a good job. This is especially important for creative work where a proper state of mind is required. Joint responsibility.

These values are corporate values developed by our partner and one of our investors, the Innonic Group.

If you want to know more about these values, here is a video (hungarian) from the CEO of the company group, Csaba Zajdó: