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5 tips on how to build a stronger company culture

5 tips on how to build a stronger company culture

It is not possible to build a strong company culture overnight. It takes time to form but here are some helpful tips that can help.


It’s important to know right from the start what kind of personality person fits into your team.
Many recruit new teammates solely on the basis of talent, but the truth is that if they are not compatible with others, there will be no long-term collaboration.
It is worth taking on the kind of people your future colleague will work with when you advertise the position, if the company has a corporate social network account, you can also communicate how everyday life goes there.
We believe that employer branding cannot be done wrong, just do or not.

Take it upon yourself because there will always be someone who desires such a team, whatever it is.


Take time for onboarding. This is the process where the new colleague can learn about the inner workings but actually starts to become attached to the company here. Tell them the story of the company, where it started, there were sure to be bigger milestones, success stories but even lows.

Honesty is always a good strategy because later it turns out to be a new team member (it’s true vica versa) if we beautified something.

Let the team complete

No matter how large our company is, the number of management is always negligible compared to the entire team. Many believe that the development of a corporate culture can be managed from above. The truth is that we can simply show the direction from above and then the team (if it feels like it) will take the progress further.

Don't get in the way of new ideas and initiatives, because company culture is about the company and not about the management.

Positive feedback

Negative criticism, feedback is always stronger and leaves a much bigger mark on a person. Because it often hurts even if it is legitimate.
Pay attention to balance, appreciate if someone works hard, if you bring something plus into the life of the team.
In the long run, many question whether they are valued in their workplace. If you only remember the negative feedback in this case, you can make even the most loyal team member unsure if you are in the right place.

Take the time to praise, discover what valuable personalities there are in our team because in the long run they will be the glue in the structure of our company.

Be a role model

If you are a leader, it is essential that the company values you expect from your team are not just empty words, but real values.
You have to be the first to act as you would expect from the others and later they will join.
If one of your company culture value is customer-centric, you should be customer-centric. Do your best to make your customers happy, even if sometimes it gets hard.

Believe to me, others will see these efforts and adopt this approach because they will see a good example in front of them.

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